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Information for Instructors


We are always, subject to demand, looking for a driving instructor to help meet the demand for our services. Our terms are generous and designed to encourage a long term working relationship.

The franchise is introduced in stages and tailored to suit the instructor individually. Following the introductory period the maximum sum due is equivalent to only three hours instruction per week.

This will not increase in the foreseeable future even though lesson prices will rise over time. There is an annual service award (discretionary).

We do not supply dual-controlled driving school cars. The supply of a suitable vehicle, taxed, insured, maintained and kept clean inside and out, will be the responsibility of the driving instructor.

We expect honesty and integrity for our full support. Any monies paid to you direct are your responsibility and must be accountable.

We are anticipating an increase in demand for our services in the current year. A regularly upgraded website and search engine optimisation will ensure a lot of interest. Our advertising has a high profile and linking this to “” will encourage even more enquiries.


Any discounts offered to attract enquiries are paid for by the school and not the instructor.


There isn’t one. If you decide to leave for any reason at anytime you will be free to go. Your pupils are yours to keep if they wish to stay with you. There will be no charge or penalty.


My aim is to be the best driving school for pupils and instructors alike. I have worked hard to build a good reputation and will continue to do so. Basically, it’s the best form of advertising and that is why I have been a member of checkatrade for more than 10 years. Good feedback is the target, but there is a price to pay. Bad feedback can be very damaging and the cause will always be investigated.

I want my instructors to be proud to represent “Hamilton” and because they are treated fairly and with respect, they are able to focus on giving good value to their pupils, which in turn leads to a growing reputation.

I want my instructors to have the highest income within our profession. That is why I offer a very attractive franchise compared to other driving schools. That is why I pay for marketing and don’t offer discounted lessons to be paid for by the instructor. I will not be drawn into the downward spiral of cheap lessons and will continue to review prices within the marketplace to give best value to both the instructor and the pupil.